Healthcare Personas and Entice Empathy Map Tools from the Ideas Worth Hatching Series

Did you attend our recent “Ideas Worth Hatching” session? Or, did you miss the conversation, but like access to the tools we discussed? Below you will find links to both the ‘Healthcare Persona’ and ‘Entice’ section of the client empathy map that we developed during our group discussion.

Fellow Heatlampers, Chandra Storrusten and Amanda Roehl, guided attendees through the process of developing an empathy map beginning with the ‘Entice’ phase. Participants on the 1-hour call referenced the sample healthcare persona and worked together to empathetically consider what those in the healthcare industry are experiencing daily and also in the world of COVID-19. 

Together, the group discovered relevant, actionable solutions that their organizations can provide to help clients now!

Access both the sample persona and our completed entice section below.

Complete the form to download a sample healthcare client persona.

Access a copy of the completed ‘Entice’ section of the Client Empathy Map from the Ideas Worth Hatching session on April 15th.

Want to learn more about Client Empathy Mapping?

Check out our recent blog post.

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