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Do you lead or own a business? Are you looking for a peer group who can help you build on your ideas, find innovative ways to address challenges and answer questions with experienced solutions? So are we!

Welcome to Heatlamp a collaborative space for business owners to grow ideas, build community, and find resources to make it happen.

Join the conversation and hatch some ideas you can implement now.

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Join us for monthly discussions on topics related to your business. Each month our team along with industry experts share insights on topics chosen by you. Find time in your schedule to join us for insights and group discussion.

Interested in sharing your knowledge, or moderating a session? Reach out to our team at thechicks@myheatlamp.com.

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Ideas Worth Hatching - Fall Session


“Old Fashioned Belongs in a Glass, Not Your Strategic Plan”

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We are working hard to launch our new space for business collaboration. Check back with us soon. Want to learn more as we roll-out our new space? Follow us on our social media accounts. Want to get in touch with us sooner? Send us an email!